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How do you export certificates from Edropin? Learn to make strip crowns in 5 minutes

Happy Wednesday and last day of March!

TLDR; I give a 1-minute explainer on MicroCredits and how you earn CE on Edropin. Also, my top 5 video recommendations for you this week.

Top videos for this week.

Learn to Make Strip Crowns for Pediatric Patients in 5 minutes

Principles of Incision Making and Flap Design

Best Tips For Sectioning A Tooth

Game-Changer Class 5 Fillings

Sensitive Teeth After a Filling (Dentist Tips)

How do you earn CE/Certificates on Edropin?

MicroCredits are unique to Edropin and I just want to explain quickly how they work.

When you watch a video on Edropin, you will notice a little counter on the top-right corner of the video that increases as you watch more of the video. On Edropin 1 hour of watch time = 1 credit, thus if you watch a video for 15 minutes you will earn 0.25 credits.

MicroCredits, allow you the flexibility to watch as much or as little as you like. If you visit your Credit Bank on Edropin you can see a history of everything that you have watched and all the credits that you have earned!

What about exporting CE Certificates (PACE, RCDSO and more)?

Here is the best part, you can export the MicroCredits you earn on Edropin as CE certificate anytime and for free. We automatically group your MicroCredits into categories (aka. Tracks) like Operative Dentistry, Veneers, etc. and you are can export/print out a certificate from these Tracks from the Credit Bank.

To summarize, just show up to Edropin, watch and learn something new on your phone or on the web and earn CE without ever thinking about it, ever again.

We recommend downloading the the iOS and Android app as it is the best way to take edropin everywhere with you.

Get the app. It’s free and available both on Apple and Android.



Hope you have a wonderful remainder of the week. See you on Saturday.

Cheers, Saj. CEO @ edropin