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CSI 2- Office Implementation of Compliance: Safety & Inspections

About CSI 2- Office Implementation of Compliance: Safety & Inspections

4h 19m 14s

Infection Control · Self-Learning

Reviewed: 09/21/2020 · Valid until 09/21/2023

Dr. Blake Clemes discusses what is needed to be compliant for safety and inspections.

✔︎ Goal

This course examines how to implement in your dental office the legal requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act and related Regulations that were outlined in the first CSI course. This course can act as a checklist that you have fully and completely done your implementation or help you to now do so. It is suggested that at least one member of the dental team has completed the first CSI course in order to properly understand the content and detail of this course.

🎓 Credits

This webinar qualifies for 6 AGD PACE credit. Subject Code 130. See below for province/state specific credits.

Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario (RCDSO)

You also quality for 6 Category-1 Quality Assurance credits for the RCDSO. This course is approved by the Quality Assurance Committee for Category 1 credits as an 'online course' until December 14th, 2023. You must submit credits to your e-portfolio on your own. edropin will not add this to your RCDSO e- portfolio.

  • Objectives
  • Know how to fully implement all requirements of the OH&S Act and associated regulations in your dental office.
  • To have the information and contacts to procure all required training and any necessary equipment to be compliant
  • To be able to properly apply all aspects of the legislation to any unique situations in your dental practice.
  • New mandatory training for all employees and employers
  • Exclusive office inspection form checklists
  • New WHMIS classifications
  • PHO sterilization requirements
  • All major eyewash station makes and models
  • Waste anesthetic gas testing companies
  • Numerous contacts for all required areas

Your hosts

Speakers, sponsors and your experience leaders
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Dr. Blake Clemes

Dr. Clemes graduated from Western’s Faculty of Dentistry in 1983 and did a hospital residency in London, Ont. in 1984. Dr. Blake has been in private general practice from 1984 until 2020. He is the Past President of the ODA and has received the ODA service award and ODA Barnabus Day award as well as the Western Univ. Faculty of Dentistry Alumnus of Distinction award.

He is currently Vice-Chair of the ODA General Council. Dr. Clemes is certified in WSIB Health & Safety Representative and has been lecturing on the application of the Occupational Health & Safety Act and various regulations to the dental office since 2012.

He is an expert on this legislation with both the ODA and RCDSO and has given over 100 lectures on this topic in Ontario as well as lecturing in British Columbia on similar legislation for that province.

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